About Us

Company overview

Beacon Energy LLC has created, evaluated and assisted in the development of innovative wind, solar, transmission, gas-fired power and energy storage assets and solutions for all types of clients on both the buy and sell side. Our expertise is in siting, power purchase negotiations, energy management, natural gas procurement and strategy, EPC, permitting, acquisition and divestitures, financing, and all forms of contract negotiations. We create new business opportunities by rigorous market analysis, the use of proprietary models and techniques and best practice strategic planning with the goal of maximizing value and minimizing risks. Beacon focuses on lower customer costs, increased margins for truly competitive ventures, and advancing R&D concepts that benefit from disruptive industry changes.

We have played a key role in purchases of cost-effective energy supplies for commercial/industrials, communities and other sophisticated purchasers. Beacon has analyzed loads, time of day use, the costs of service interruptions, demand costs, costs of different supply options including basis risks, and evaluated other risk elements for purchasers. Beacon Energy LLC has helped determine the most competitive energy supplies through bid auctions and bid evaluations and assisted in the implementation of the best approach.

The principals of our firm have worked on more than 10,000 MW of power asset development, more than 4 TcF of gas supply, and have served as lender’s expert or developer’s counsel to more than $4 billion in project financings. During the past seven years, they have played an important role in advancing over $1 billion of new wind, solar, battery storage, and other energy asset projects.

Low cost solar energy plus storage is an emerging disruptive industry change in the coming decade. Gas-fired CHP with low cost natural gas is a distributive change agent today. A modernized grid with low cost DERs will change how utilities operate, customer choices and the cost of energy. Microgrids offer energy security needed by end users in a number of cases. Beacon Energy LLC analyzes market opportunities and works to create the most competitive assets for customers that will lower costs while improving reliability and security.

Our Objectives

Make a difference to all of our customers in sustainable, reliable and secure cost effective energy supplies and assets

Find ways to lower energy costs reliably and securely for end user

Provide our clients key market insights to build competitive products/approaches

Design business strategies to capture value

Perform due diligence on assets to give identify risks and design risk mitigation approaches,

Implement key development steps—siting, offtake negotiations, etc. to realize good opportunities

Create the most competitive new solar, wind, CHP/gas-fired and storage assets in Microgrids and as stand-alone assets that lower costs for customers and creates margins for asset holders and proper incentives/returns for regulated entities

How We Work:

Beacon works in all phases of energy asset development and purchasing

Provides M&A and transaction negotiations and support

Uses proprietary tools and techniques to develop competitive advantage

Tireless effort and rigorous analysis to create solid assets

Applies substantial experience to solve problems and create solutions/wins for all parties