Competitive Advantage

Beacon is rigorous, independent and innovative in offering solutions to end use energy customers.

  • We excel by forming teams with the necessary skill sets to analyze complex situations and distill issues down to simple choices and decisions.
  • Beacon conducts comprehensive analysis of the risks and rewards faced by decision makers.
  • Rather than grow a large overhead, we form consulting teams and partner with other companies to solve complex energy problems. This keeps our fees lower than some while providing an array of in-depth services.
  • We are very experienced in the wholesale markets and in purchasing/selling energy from specific assets, in developing these assets and with the typical problems that arise in operating renewable and gas-fired assets. We build on our experience to analyze situations, evaluate risks and establish solutions that work for stakeholders. Beacon Energy LLC has worked in all of the major power pools in the US and has worked internationally in a number of markets.
  • We seek energy solutions that are fair for the interested parties.
  • We believe it is critically important to operate ethically and within the highest standards of best practice.
  • We are determined, driven for results and hard working.