For Developers

Beacon seeks opportunities that can create a competitive advantage for new assets and thereby help realize a healthy developer margin.

Beacon identifies market opportunities, obtains new sites, solves transmission, distribution and interconnection issues, analyzes the best technologies available for the most economic long term assets, financially models the assets, obtains gas supplies for gas-fired projects, helps negotiate terms with key counterparties, applies proprietary approaches to maximize value and minimize risks and helps solve development challenges to create new efficient assets that achieve lowest cost of energy (“LCOE”) targets for customers.

Beacon has found that new assets must be best in class in today’s highly competitive marketplace. This comes from a careful analysis of locational benefits, technological capabilities, economies of scale, financial evaluations, customer potential, siting costs, taxes, project timing, transmission and distribution limitations, competitive project analysis and other factors. Beacon only seeks to advance new project assets that will be the most competitive. In this way, new assets can be the most successful portfolio assets.