For Energy Purchasers

Beacon is analytical, independent and innovative in creatinglow cost energy solutions for end- use energy customers.

Beacon assists in obtaining the lowest cost of energy supplies for commercial and industrials (“C&I”), datacenters, hospitality firms, hospitals and other end-use energy customers. We analyze energy costs and loads, wholesale energy strategies and conduct a fair and competitive bid auction process, assist in negotiating, and ultimately, in the final selection of the winning bidder. Beacon uses industry and proprietary tools to assess basis risk, benchmark projects and in recommending the most-worthy projects. We provide ongoing support to energy asset management challenges.

Rigorous Analysis

Beacon uses rigorous analysis to make a difference in end-user energy purchasing. We use our wholesale energy expertise, market insights and proprietary modeling to help determine the risks and advantages of purchasing from specific energy assets. Individual locations can have unique transmission and distribution risks and opportunities. We work to understand the risks and opportunities. End-users are typically confronted with complex energy supply contracts where it is important to understand the risks that they face as well as properly analyze the opportunities to obtain secure, low cost energy. Beacon is an experienced company in the wholesale energy markets and undertakes rigorous analysis of purchasing situations.

Independent and Objective Energy Procurement

Beacon’s job is to assist with the energy procurement function. Beacon obtains bids from a clearly written and orchestrated request for proposal (“RFP”) process, analyzes the results of the RFPs, assist in the selection of the best assets—using wholesale market experience, expertise and insight along with proprietary models, as requested by clients, and helps create a negotiated contract that is fair, simple and appropriate for all parties. Our client goals are simple contracts that help ensure low cost energy supply contracting. Beacon is an independently owned company, therefore, we work for our customers without other agendas. In client engagements, we work only on one side of the transaction and without conflicts.

Aggregating Loads, in some cases, Can Substantially Lower Costs

In today’s renewable supply market there is a substantial amount of supply competition. We use the power of the market to assist our clients in obtaining the best supplies. In some cases, it may be beneficial to procure utility scale size solar or wind projects and achieve lower costs from their economies of scale. Aggregating loads and requirements from multiple customers to match the requirements of the optimally sized projects can mean segmenting a 100 MW utility scale project into 10-15 MW slices for specific customers. This is called load aggregation and energy savings of 10-20% or more compared to smaller scale resources can sometimes be possible. The key is finding the right projects and in working with multiple parties to achieve a win for all.

Additionality: Creating New Renewable Energy Assets Where Possible

Additionality is the process of creating a new renewable energy asset in addition to obtaining energy supply. Renewable Energy Credits (“RECs”) created from new renewable energy assets are a valuable addition to reducing carbon emissions and helping to advance toward better climate objectives. In a number of cases, a bundled REC and energy supply product can be obtained in a manner that meets end user’s sustainability and cost objective.