For Technology Providers

Beacon seeks to assist technology providers by providing marketing insights and helping to advance joint venture or research and development funding activities.

Beacon works to provide insights into the energy business, market and customer requirements and we seek to provide valuable input on customer needs. Beacon can benchmark competitive products. We can support new R&D funding decisions, joint ventures and initiatives that build competitive advantage.

It takes multiple skill sets to advance innovative energy assets. Beacon understands that firms may have some required skill sets but not all of the required skill sets or capital to advance a particular energy venture. In these cases, and with the approval of the customer, Beacon will seek out joint venture partners that can together create a more competitive asset or venture.

Based on comprehensive market analysis, and reviewing university research, Beacon may be in a position to assist a university in identifying an industry funding partner for a particularly rewarding project. Industry partners seek competitive advantage and the right university research can lead to an advancement for the industry along with competitive advantage for a company with long term vision. Beacon seeks to develop a partnership approach that can lead to an industry participant funding worthy university research that can be commercialized.