For Microgrid End-Users: High Security of Supply and Reliability Requirements

Beacon, in an open and transparent manner, teams with major vendors to develop the best and most reliable customer solution.

Beacon assists in coordinating and designing microgridsolutions for customers that seek to achieve low cost, reliable, sustainable and secure energy supplies. Using gas-fired power, solar, wind, fuel cells and other technologies including battery storage and combined heat and power (“CHP”) we help implement solutions that improve reliability, save money and offer the potential to sell excess energy back to the host utility. Beacon by using the latest technological advances in controller technology, renewable energy generation and energy management systems works to develop, in partnership with major vendors, state-of-the-art solutions that create wins for all stakeholders.

Beacon typically seeks to use a rigorous vendor selection approach for each microgrid situation. The customer’s needs, energy requirements, goals and the unique situation is first analyzed, along with potential system market pricing, benefits and costs. Vendors are typically selected on the basis of a comprehensive and fair bidding process. In some cases, teaming at an early stage with a major vendor is appropriate given the specifics of the situation. In all cases, customers are able to understand the process being used, agree that it is appropriate, and feel comfortable that their needs are being addressed. Multiple technologies for generation and control are evaluated for cost and the ability of the vendor solution to perform over the intended life of the project. The interface with the current host utility is an important part in the process along with the customer objectives of high reliability and lower cost.