Upcoming 2020 solar conferences

As we look ahead to 2020, the schedule for a number of important industry gatherings has been established.  

  • AWEA has added solar to their traditional wind line up and the Clean Power show and conference is scheduled for June 1-4th in Denver.  AWEA also has an offshore conference October 13-14th in New York City.
  • SEIA has the informative finance conference scheduled for February 27th in NYC and SPI is scheduled for September 14-17 in Anaheim.
  • Intersolar has returned and is scheduled for Feb 4-6th in San Diego
  • Infocast has their traditionally well attended Solar Power and Finance Forum on March 17-19th in San Diego.

The wind ITC extension will be on competitive developers minds along with the bifacial solar extension ruling that came out near the end of last year.  2020 will be another active year as the industry continues to advance green energy targets in a complex federal environment.  

The statement, “Climate change has become a defining factor in companies long term prospects.”   made in early January 2020 by Laurence Fink CEO of Blackrock, the $7 Trillion and the world’s largest asset manager, may set the tone for 2020.